Watercolor Marker Combo Pack - 96 Broadline & 96 Fineline
Item # 83019

Product Details

Best of our most popular markers: 96 Fineline and 96 Non-Toxic Broadline Markers packaged all in one reusable storage box. For coloring in small intricate areas Fineline Markers are the perfect choice for the task. Broadline Markers are best for coloring in large areas. As an added bonus the Broadline Marker tip allows you to draw thin and thick lines all from the same marker! Eight brilliant Watercolor or Washable colors one dozen of each. Meets or Exceeds ASTM D-4236.

Ordering Details

Combo Pack, 192 Watercolor Markers - 96 Broadline & 96 Fineline - 8 Colors, 12 pcs per Color