4 ct Stamper-Poos™ - Poo Shaped Washable Ink Stamping Markers
Item # 27640

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Everyone's favorite emoji - now at your finger tips with our new Stamper-Poos™ Poop Emoji Washable Ink Stamping Markers!!! Don't be afraid to express yourself! Our Stamper-Poos™ are made with washable inks for easy clean up, so they'll wash easily off skin and most fabrics. Stamper-Poos™ are safe too! They conform to ASTM-D 4236, they're Non-Toxic, and best of all they're UNSCENTED!

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4 ct Stamper-Poos™ - Washable ink , Poo Shaped, Stamping Markers - Blister Card - Assorted Colors